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Jewish Care Interact is the place for all things independent living and ageing well in the UK Jewish community. We invite you to explore our mix of fantastic resources and community support. Whether you're an older or disabled Jewish person, or a friend, family member or carer, we've got plenty to inform you and for you to enjoy.

Jewish Care Interact is managed by Jewish Care. To find out more, please visit the Jewish Care website.

  • Living with disability and health issues

    Older men and women with walking frames sit in a row; one woman in the foreground is particularly engaged and raises her hand as a gesture.

    Living with a disability or a long-term health issue can certainly have its challenges. Whatever your impairment or condition may be—from sight loss to mental health issues and from memory loss to learning difficulties—we're here to help you find all kinds of ways to make those challenges easier so you can get on with enjoying life.

  • Care where you're living or staying

    Lobby of a care home shows a comfortable lounge area.

    Making sure that you get the right kind of care is vital to your overall wellbeing and happiness, and deciding the environment in which you'll get that care is just as important. We've got information and advice to help you decide what living arrangement is right for you. We've also got resources for staying well and maintaining Jewish observance in hospital. 

  • Ageing well and living with purpose

    A woman smiles as she walks arm in arm with an older man in a garden.

    Ageing well is not just about your physical wellbeing. It involves all aspects of your life—physical, emotional and spiritual—both within yourself and in relation to others. Being active in mind and body and staying connected to others are all vital components of wellbeing, whatever your age or life stage. As you get older and have more time on your hands, you may even find new interests or hobbies. Here you'll find resources to explore and enjoy.

  • Jewish life and culture

    Judaica (clockwise from top): Shabbat candlesticks, handwashing cup, Chumash and Tanakh, Torah pointer, shofar and etrog box.

    Jewish life is about more than just faith. It's about culture, friends, family, food and community, and it's about navigating through the different life stages whilst staying close to your Jewish roots and maintaining the traditions that you love. We welcome you to learn about Jewish festivals, find healthier alternatives to traditional Jewish recipes, laugh at Jewish jokes and discover the Jewish ways around life events, such as bereavement and divorce. 

  • News in audio format

    Two radio microphones.

    Staying on top of the latest news in the Jewish community is now right at your fingertips—any time and anywhere—if you prefer to get information in audio format. Produced by Jewish Care Connect, abridged audio versions of The Jewish Chronicle and The Jewish News are both available right here each week.

    Make sure to check back regularly to listen at your leisure!

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