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Discussion started by Rebecca Jewish Care Interact:

Thursday 25th February

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our new Jewish Care Interact forum! My name is Rebecca and I am part of the forum team. We are so excited to launch this new digital space where we can share our thoughts, tips, advice and feelings.

We can't wait to hear from you and start the conversation! If you need any assistance using this forum I am here to help you.

Rebecca, Jewish Care Interact

Added by Ben:

Wednesday 22nd November

Hello. I'm not a spiritual person, but I'm interested in getting to know my heritage. My grandmother was an evacuee but everything has been silent. I've been taunted and bullied all my life for being a Jew. why do people hate us so much? Xx

Added by aross:

Wednesday 22nd November

Hi Ben, it's really great to hear from you and your story sounds extremely interesting. Would you be happy to tell us a little more about yourself?

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