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Discussion started by icycle:

Tuesday 15th January

My husband was diagnosed approx 2 yrs ago with vascular dementia and until recently was not too difficult except for the forgetfulness.
At the moment, he is going through a very strange stage, keeps seeing everything black coloured or in pictures jumping about on the walls, hearing things that nobody else does.
He is convinced that his hands are black and keeps scrubbing them!
Also talking quite a lot on nonsense.
We have an appt scheduled for this week to see if there is any medical help for him .
Has anyone out there been through a similar episode and how do you cope and deal with it.
It is stressing me out terribly.

Added by Rebecca Jewish Care Interact:

Tuesday 15th January

Hello icycle,

I'm so sorry to hear about this stressful situation. I can certainly understand your request to hear from other people who may have gone through a similar experience.

If you're looking a resource specifically associated with vascular dementia, the Jewish Care Interact website has the following link:

Also, you may want to contact the Jewish Care Helpline by calling 0208 922 2222 or sending an email to

Rebecca, Jewish Care Interact

Added by HSYahoo:

Wednesday 16th January

My mom has only recently been diagnosed with the early stages of vascular dementia, so we're only dealing with confusion and unexplainable behaviours at this point, but the changes seem to be happening pretty quickly. Last week she started some tablets that are supposed to help slow the process down, but they are really knocking her out--and she is complaining about how they make her feel.

Is this something you've been through, icycle?

Today I signed up for the NHS Dementia Information email service (; maybe I'll get a little bit of guidance there.

This is all really new for me, so I'd welcome comments from other people too.

Added by icycle:

Monday 28th January

We have an appointment this week with a view to starting some medication.
Have had a really stressful weekend with my husband convinced that the house was on fire over shabbos and this happened a few times with him wanting me to call the fire brigade etc.
Today he seems a bit calmer but am not holding my breath.

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