Older woman has a big smile on her face as she sits at a table in a community centre.

Getting involved and staying connected

Participating in a variety of activities and contributing to the community in which you live are key to staying well and being happy.

We've got lots of ideas to keep you busy. Would you like to feel more involved and connected to other people and your community? Then volunteering may be for you.

Or are you more into mental challenges like chess and crossword puzzles? Perhaps you want to find out more about your family by researching your ancestry. And once you've done the research, maybe you'd like to create your own memory book, digital photo album or audio memoir. Do you finally have the time to write down (or gather up) those treasured family recipes and make a cookbook of a lifetime? These kinds of activities can be great family projects that can bring everyone together.

And if you really want to exercise your creative options to their fullest, you can express yourself through the arts. Whether it's a sketchbook, paintbrush, diary, musical instrument, or another "crafty" outlet, this may be the perfect time to let out the inner artist in you.

It's all about staying active and connected. We invite you to start the adventure by exploring this section of Jewish Care Interact.

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