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Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities used to be thought of as something you had as a child and then grew out of. If you're an adult living with a learning disability, then you'll know that this is just not so. Learning disabilities are with you for your entire life, and here at Jewish Care Interact, we've got plenty of simple and practical ways to help you get on with living a happy and fulfilled life.

The challenges of understanding, learning and remembering new things are only part of having a learning disability.

Learning disabilities have an impact on all aspects of daily living. You may find that communication and maintaining relationships with friends, family and colleagues require hard work. You may also find that you struggle with awareness of risks or managing everyday tasks.

Although a learning disability cannot be cured, with the right structures, systems and support, you will be able to get the most out of life.

If you need more assistance, contact Norwood, the UK's largest Jewish charity for people with learning disabilities.

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