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If you are interested in learning about music, there's plenty on offer for all musical tastes. Whether you want to find out about how to sing, play a musical instrument, read music or start songwriting, there are lots of opportunities around the UK to do so.

You can study music more formally at a college or university, with many throughout the UK offering a wide range of courses. However, if you prefer to learn at your own pace, you can study with a music teacher or even learn online.

Finding a music teacher 

Many people find music lessons or a music teacher through word of mouth. However, if you haven't heard of any teachers near you, there are a range of websites that provide details of music teachers throughout the UK. 

We would advise you to check out how the websites vet teachers or do the vetting yourself by asking for their credentials, references or DBS checks.

Learning music online

If you'd like to dabble a bit before you commit to music lessons, or if you just prefer to learn online, we've found some resources to get you started:

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