Sight loss

Sight loss can have an impact on all aspects of your daily life—from travel to cooking to the feelings you have about losing your sight. With a good outlook and a few changes—some small and some not so small—you can lead a full and active life. Jewish Care Interact is here to help you do just that.

Sight loss affects people of all ages and ranges from mild impairment to total blindness. Some people lose their sight slowly over long periods of time. Some people may lose their sight quickly and then find it becomes stable. Others will fall somewhere in between.

The basics of living with sight loss are much the same for everyone, no matter how you came to lose your sight. So this section has something for everyone living with sight loss. It's full of useful information to help you be happy and independent.

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There are theatres throughout the country that offer services for patrons with visual impairments.
Love reading books, newspapers or magazines? From large print books to audiobooks, there is plenty of choice.
With the introduction of printers, portable input devices, readers and more, the latest braille technology is making tremendous improvements in accessibility and affordability.
Losing your sight is not just about the practical things. Find out about how to stay emotionally well.